The most beautiful markets of Mauritius

Most Beautiful Markets Mauritius 2

A “Made in Mauritius” label will certainly please your friends and family when you return from your Mauritius holidays. If you want to bring back something from your holiday on the island, it is auspicious to know the right addresses.

The Goodlands Market

If you want to socialize with the Mauritians during your Mauritius holidays, this market is not to be missed. It is authentic and exclusively local. The market is found at a few kilometers south of Grand Gaube. If you want to melt into the crowd, it is a must. It’s a place where you rarely meet tourists. The inhabitants of the island are the only ones who visit the market, because they come here to do their shopping. So, if you need to taste the local products or buy Mauritian spices, you will definitely find them there. It is also the place to enjoy the real Mauritian cuisine.

The Port Louis Market

If you want to discover a local food, this is the place to be. It is the most emblematic market on the island. It is also a compulsory passage to see the life of the Mauritians. A Mauritius family holidays will be incomplete if you don’t go there. You will see the stalls of very colorful exotic fruits and vegetables. You will also find specialized stands selling local spices. Unlike Goodlands Market, it is a tourist location. However, you can meet Mauritians looking for a good deal. A large part of the market is devoted to cooking ingredients. You can taste vanilla or coconut aloudas, Puri dholl and faratas.

Most Beautiful Markets Mauritius

The market of Quatre Bornes

If you want to explore Mauritius from top to bottom, you will definitely land there. It’s a good niche for souvenir shopping. You can even bargain if you come across merchants who accept it. This market looks like a huge souvenir shop. Exploring it will only cost you the transportation. You will find traditional clothes, bags and baskets made by the locals. There are also carpets or kitchen utensils. You will also discover some fruits and vegetable shops to quench your thirst or hunger during your exploration.

The market of Mahébourg

Every Monday from 9 am to 5 pm, the village of Mahebourg is home to the largest market on the island. It is a place full of treasures such as a cave of Ali Baba. It is an eclectic market. Here you will find fruits and vegetables, but also basketry, flowers, brand clothes or handmade trinkets from the island. It is a place to find beautiful memories during your holidays in Mauritius. During this day, this market is placed under the sign of exoticism, because wherever you put your eyes, you will discover sumptuous bright colors and lots of animation.

Your vacation on this tropical island won’t be complete if you don’t visit at least one of these must-see markets. Moreover, these are the most recommended places to find souvenirs to bring back. By exploring them, you can combine usefulness with pleasant, because you will make a nice discovery while shopping.