Opening of the Splash n Fun Leisure Park in Belle Mare

The Aquatic Recreation Park in the east of Mauritius has finally reopened its doors. Since October 17, the Splash N Fun Leisure Park has been open to the public in Belle-Mare. Attractions include the Constrictor, Black Hole and Wave River, but also an adult pool. The public will also be able to enjoy “terrestrial” activities in a virtual game and 7D cinema room.

Splash N Fun Leisure Park sejour ile maurice

Safety is a must, says Sugar Investment Trust, manager of the former Belle Mare Waterpark. Opened in 2000, the Waterpark closed in 2013. The reason was that the Sugar Investment Trust (SIT) had debts of more than Rs 2 billion. To relaunch it, there was a first attempt to find an investor, but in vain. As the infrastructure was already there and given the lack of leisure activities in Mauritius, the SIT decided to find the funds to revisit and reopen it. After 18 months of work for its restructuring, makeover and new attractions with White Water West as its promoter, the Splash n Fun Leisure Park opened its doors to Mauritians and tourists on Saturday 19 October 2019.

The leisure center has old attractions that have been revisited. For example, thrusters have been added to the Wave River for more thrills. The Black Hole has also been revisited with neon lights and several slides have been added to please visitors. Children can take to the water in the Aqua Play, which boasts a magnificent and enchanting setting.

Splash N Fun Leisure Park sejour ile maurice

The reopening of the Belle-Mare water park will not only offer Mauritians an affordable recreational activity, but will also boost economic development in the region through job creation. In addition, Mauritians and tourists will converge in large numbers, which will benefit local entrepreneurs.

Rides are also available for those who don’t like slides and other water attractions. Other attractions will be unveiled at the end of the year – during the school and holiday season. For the public, a restaurant, a food court and four food kiosks have been set up.

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