If what you are looking for is a soft and eco-friendly water activity, then snorkelling is just right for you! The clear, shallow and warm waters of Mauritius offer a privileged setting where this activity finds its full meaning. Coastlines spanning over 300 kilometres and a lagoon and coral reef that nearly go round the whole island, quite a few opportunities to bring out your inner explorer!

Equipped with the minimum – diving mask, fins and snorkel – skim turquoise waters and observe the marine fauna and flora of the island, home to more than 600 species.

Where to snorkel around Grand Gaube?


This spot is deemed one of the very best snorkelling spots on the northwest coast of Mauritius. Its calm, shallow waters sheltered by a reef not far from the shore are ideal for families. It is home to an abundance of marine creatures. The beach is just as beautiful, lined with casuarinas, huge trees replacing the more typical coconut trees.

Trou d’Eau Douce

On the northeast coast, this spot is generally accessible during a trip to Île aux Cerfs Island during which snorkelling breaks can be organised. Or else, you can plan a boat trip in the lagoon by going directly to fishermen or boat owners for a few hundred rupees. A wide variety of fish can be observed (parrotfish, damselfish, butterflyfish, surgeonfish, colourful clams…). The blue of the lagoon and the green of the mountains in the distance fusion together to offer an exquisite panorama.

Coin de Mire Island

Coin de Mire Island is located 8 km off the north coast, facing the village of Cap Malheureux. It is accessible only by boat from Pereybere beach or by crossing from Cap Malheureux with traditional fishermen. Quite an adventure! A spot where instead of a beach, you will find rocks where beautiful parrotfish hide. The cliffs offer quite a sight as well, sheltering the Paille en Queue (white-tailed tropicbird), emblematic bird of the Indian Ocean.