Seabob in Mauritius

Have you ever heard of the Seabob? No, it is not the name of a beautifully coloured fish swimming in the waters of Mauritius, but rather with a Seabob, you become the fish or dolphin.

This new aquatic activity, acclaimed on the island, allows you to propel yourself on or under water like marine mammals do. Captain your Seabob and glide across water at a speed of 18 to 20 km/h in a totally silent and ecological way.

Don your mask and explore the seabed at up to 2.50 metres easily and effortlessly as this activity does not require you to be an experienced diver.

It is extremely easy to captain which makes that everyone, children included, can indulge in this unique experience. Thrills and spills and seabed exploration in a heavenly setting. A great activity for the whole family!

Advice from the concierge: we advise girls to wear a one-piece swimsuit for maximum comfort during this activity.

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