Best water activities in Mauritius

It is easy to say that one can practice a plethora of water sports in Mauritius, but which ones exactly? The island being a pearl on the Indian Ocean, it is the perfect playground for those who feel the soul of a fish in the water. There is no shortage of disciplines to forget the office, the constraints of everyday life and being one with nature.

In addition to eating a healthy diet every day, regular physical activity is essential to stay in shape. Why not take advantage of the idyllic local setting to discover water sports? Here are some suggestions:


Meilleures Activités Nautiques à Faire à sejour ile Maurice

The parachute consists of climbing to a height of about 60 meters, being towed by a motorboat. This activity combines the sensations of acceleration and altitude, not to mention the panoramic views of the crystal-clear sea, long sandy beaches, and volcanic mountains. Belle Mare beach is the ideal spot.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing

Perfect nautical activity for thrill-seekers, kitesurfing consists of sliding on the water with a wakeboard, while being towed by a kite specially designed for this purpose. It is advisable to practice kitesurfing between April and November, a good time to slide on the waves. Le Morne is a windy spot almost all year round.


Meilleures Activités Nautiques à Faire à sejour ile Maurice

A nautical activity that generates adrenaline, seakart is a hybrid of jet skiing and inflatable canoes, capable of carrying two passengers. In practice, seakart consists of moving at high speed on the water. Unlike the Jetski, seakart passengers are not seated one behind the other, thus eliminating the risk of capsizing.


Indeed, you can surf in Mauritius. The best season is between June and September, during the southern winter. Amateurs generally head for Le Morne or Tamarin Bay. A true lifestyle for some surfers, surfing is for all ages.


Meilleures Activités Nautiques à Faire à sejour ile Maurice

In Mauritius, the quality of the seabed and corals is very well preserved in some protected areas such as Blue Bay Marine Park. Thanks to snorkeling, whether you are a complete beginner or experienced, you will discover about 430 different underwater species. Our warm waters allow you to practice this activity all year round, thanks to average temperatures of 28°C during the austral summer and 21°C in winter.

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