Visit the botanical garden of Pamplemousses in the north of Mauritius

Located in the north of Mauritius, the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden was created in 1736, first as a vegetable garden for Mahé de Labourdonnais, Governor of Mauritius at the time. But it was not until 1767 that the garden took off with the vision of Pierre Poivre, botanist of the King and explorer at the time. The latter made the garden the vault of specimens acquired during his travels: manioc from Brazil, laurel from the West Indies, cinnamon from Malabar or breadfruit from the Philippines.

Visitez Le Jardin Botanique De Pamplemousses


Visiting the garden is like entering another dimension: here abound the plant species that come to surround you from all sides, you will appreciate the perfumes of the flora of Mauritius.. Some are very impressive, such as the baobab at the entrance first, then the victoria amazonica, a species of giant water lily sleeping in its basin (one of the famous photos illustrating Mauritius), or the talipot, a variety of palm tree, also very large, which has the particularity of dying after its only bloom.

You will admire the 95 species of palm trees from all over the world, but also araucarias, vacoas, ravenalas, guava trees. You will be dazzled by the scarlet of the flaming, bewitched by the smell of jasmine, mango and many spices such as cinnamon.

This area, which is representative of the island’s biodiversity, preserves many species from all over the world, as well as some endemic species of the island (such as ebony wood) and Mascarenes. Surprising by its flora, it is also surprising thanks to the animals evolving freely, sometimes coming to greet you or accompany you in your discovery: birds like the Martin or the Cardinal haunt the area with butterflies; reptiles, fish, tenrecs, mongooses and other equally fascinating creatures are regularly present.

Visitez Le Jardin Botanique De Pamplemousses


The garden retains the names of famous botanists and naturalists, most of whom have collaborated in its development. Thus, you will stroll along paths named after Labourdonnais, Pierre Poivre, Darwin and others of their colleagues, but also the writer Bernardin de Saint-Pierre and the heroes he created, Paul and Virginie. In this paradisiacal setting, you can even visit the fictional graves of these legendary lovers.

You will not be surprised, in this fantastic setting, to discover yet another park of giant turtles and Java deer, magically emerging.

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