Thrilling activities in Mauritius: Jumping from a plane at 3000 meters altitude

If you are looking for a sensational experience for your Mauritius vacation, what could be better than to fall from an aircraft at several thousand meters of altitude by performing acrobatic manoeuvres in the air before landing by parachute?

Parachuting has long existed in Mauritius, but it has become a popular activity for tourists in recent years. For the very affordable price of course, but also for the spectacular tropical views, skydiving on a paradise island! Joy, fear, adrenaline rush, breathtaking views and free fall, this activity is a beautiful mix of emotions.

To each his own perspective, but for many visitors it is the most memorable experience. Better known as Skydive in Mauritius, it is an adventure that promises the best images of the island you will see. Perhaps the moment of the jump, you will feel like a bird in the air or the minutes before landing, but the memories are guaranteed.

parachutisme sejour ile maurice

Skydiving is appreciated and practiced all over the world, and in Mauritius the experience becomes even more vivid with the dreamy scenery of turquoise lagoons joining white sand beaches. Whether flying or freefalling, you will be amazed by the unrivalled beauty of the Mauritian coast.

Skydiving is practiced in tandem in Mauritius. The main advantage of tandem jumping is that you won’t need any experience or be a professional, come and enjoy it! It is the fastest and easiest way to jump out of an aircraft. If you are healthy and old enough for skydiving, you have nothing to worry about, since the control of the jump does not depend on the participant, but on your instructor, with thousands of jumps to his credit, he is in charge of everything. Associated with a professional and qualified instructor, you jump with a parachute for two people at a height of thousands of meters.

If you want to go skydiving with SkyDive Mauritius during your stay in Mauritius in our luxury resort, do not hesitate to contact the concierge service.