The best shopping deals of Mauritius

Shopping Mauritius

During your holidays in Mauritius resorts, you will definitely want to bring back a souvenir or a gift. Mauritius is a destination of choice for shopping. Indeed, shopping in this country is truly unique. There will be something for everyone from the bustling market to the luxury shops.

Do your duty-free shopping in Mauritius

The government of this country has done things right. To make you spend a dream holiday in Mauritius, foreign visitors are allowed to make duty-free purchases. This is possible in all stores that display a tax refund logo. The island has over 1,000 registered stores to enable you to benefit from this advantage. However, the refund is only made when you board. It can be made in euros, pounds sterling or dollars depending on your preference. The first among them are shopping malls. The best known is the Bagatelle shopping mall. There are more than 150 retail stores. You can find all the most interesting brands. Visit, this shopping center La Croisette in the north of the island. With 110 shops and restaurants, La Croisette is the largest shopping Centre of Mauritius that combines international and local brands.

The traditional markets of Mauritius

To experience Mauritian culture, you will absolutely have to go shopping in a traditional Mauritius market.  The most popular market is the one in the center of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. You can find a very wide variety of products and they are offered at competitive prices to attract tourists. In the north, near Grand Gaube there is the Goodlands market. You will find textiles, clothing, souvenirs, exotic fruits, etc. On Saturdays, the small shopping centre of Goodlands, hosts an Earth Market from 10 am to 2 pm. You will discover healthy and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. The village of Goodlands also has the largest models of boat factory in Mauritius. Historic Marine offers superb models designed by talented Mauritians. This is a good place to find typical Mauritian products.

Shopping Mauritius2

Typical products to bring back from your holiday in Mauritius

The textile industry is the backbone of the Mauritian economy. So, you will find cashmere, wool, silk and Indian-style clothing at very competitive prices. At Caudan Waterfront in Port-louis, you will have the choice between multiple brands and jewelry shops. The Craft Market, is the famous craft market of Caudan. It offers a wide range of handicrafts made on site by the Mauritian artists such as decorative objects, jewellery made from shell or wood, scented candles, among others. Mauritius has been making models of boats since 1970. Teak or camphor boats that require several hours of work. You can also bring tea, Achard, spices or distilled rum to Mauritius. But be sure not to exceed the 5 litres of alcoholic beverages allowed when you leave.

How to get your refund?

There is a process of three steps after your Mauritius holidays. When you are in store, detect those who have the special logo. Next, you must request a « VAT Paid Supplies to Visitor » receipt or a DF5 invoice. These documents must include your name, nationality, passport number and flight details. At customs during check-in, present your purchases at the customs counter of the Mauritius Revenue Authority to put a stamp on your invoices or receipts. All you have to do is to present your validated invoice at the MCCI Tax Refund counter for an immediate refund of your taxes.