A day at the Port Louis Central Market

What better way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a country than to stroll through its markets? Colors, scents, atmosphere: awaken all your senses and discover a concentrate of the island at the central market. You will find both foodstuffs and traditional spices and medicinal plants, some of which are renowned aphrodisiacs! The section devoted to crafts is well provided but be careful, not everything is locally made.

The central market of Port Louis is one of the oldest sites on the island (more than 2 centuries). Whatever the time of year, this market on Queen Street near the main bus station is open every day. Popular with Mauritians, there is an abundance of fruit and vegetables of impeccable quality throughout the year.

Marché Central De Port Louis sejour ile maurice

The fruit and vegetable part is under a covered area which is very practical because the sun is strong even in winter in Port Louis (the period when we were there). We advise you if you can, to go there early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

Traders will try to attract the attention of visitors by praising the freshness of their products or convincing them of the virtues of their herbal tea. In the meantime, visitors feel, evaluate and market vegetables. Further on, the spice bags are displayed, like gold coin purses. Bright and fragrant, chili or turmeric await to join the pan!

Marché Central De Port Louis sejour ile maurice

On the first floor of the market, you will find the unmissable tourist souvenirs, including model boats and other jewelries. At the central market, our senses are put to the test by the scented and spicy scents of chili cakes, fried noodles, dholl puri and appetizing Chinese meatballs; a lot of appetizing snacks!

If you wish to visit the Port Louis market during your stay in Mauritius in our luxury resort, do not hesitate to contact the concierge service.