Notre Dame Auxiliatrice in Cap Malheureux

On the north coast of Mauritius, in front of the lagoon in Cap-Malheureux, stand a small church with a notable red roof, called Notre Dame Auxiliatrice. Considered as a symbol of the island, this place offers stunning views of the Coin de Mire, another small island located less than ten kilometres from the north coast of Mauritius.

A place not to be missed during your stay in Mauritius

This beautiful chapel is one of the must-see sites during a stay in Mauritius. Designed by Max Boullé and erected by Raoul Lolliot in 1938, it was consecrated by the Vicar General and Bishop Richard Lee, on August 7, 1938.

On one hand, Notre Dame Auxliaitrice was originally erected to host the celebration of weddings. The initiative came from Abbé Albert Glorieux, a Belgian missionary and parish priest of Saint-Michel of Grand Gaube. The chapel also welcomes a lot of people for the mass of Sunday. On the other hand, visitors are welcome at any time of the day.

Cap Malheureux Vue Du Ciel

A simplistic architecture, in the image of Mauritius

Of simple but delightful architecture, the chapel Notre Dame Auxiliatrice in Cap Malheureux is included in all the tours offered by the Mauritius Resort. The miraculous white of its interior walls inspires peace, and its carved stone altar remains impressive despite its old age.

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice

The place can be visited all throughout the year. The famous church of Notre Dame Auxiliatrice is designed is such a way that its setting reminds everyone of a postcard and it deserves a detour. Visitors are particularly attracted by its magnificent basalt altar and its Holy water font. But the surrounding landscape also makes most people dream, especially the huge Banyan who holds them in the shade of the striking sun. It is one of the most photographed places of the island: its idyllic setting attracts not only couples who are ready to say “I do” but also photographers.

Come and discover a unique setting

Cap Malheureux and its famous chapel are better visited at the end of the day.  The sunset then offers an exceptional glint, worthy of the greatest romantic films of Hollywood. The natural setting is preserved and lush. The lucky ones can even see the famous green ray that the island keeps bragging about. It is advisable to come between October and December when the island offers its most beautiful scenery thanks to the flamboyant flowers.

Coin De Mire Ile Maurice

A detour to Cap Malheureux also gives the opportunity to extend your tour to the marine cemetery or the Tamil temple, which is right next to it. As peaceful as a haven, Cap Malheureux is the ideal place to recharge your batteries.

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