A Visit of Port Louis

Set out on a cultural stroll to better understand Mauritius off the beaten track through original guided tours for an immersive experience into the history and life of Mauritians today.

For example, if you want to discover Port Louis, choose the “History and Cuisine of Port Louis” theme: a gourmet and historical exploration on foot through the city where you will learn about the history of migratory waves that influenced the local cuisine. For three hours, roam the lively streets of the various quarters, taste Chinese or Indian culinary specialities and meet passionate craftspeople. Port Louis can also be discovered from the sea by opting for another visit entitled “The Port: Cradle of Port Louis”. A walk and boat trip in the port quarter and through the harbour will take you back to the defining moments of the island’s colonisation and the city’s development over the past three centuries.

A child-friendly cultural visit

A treasure hunt through the city of Port-Louis is a delightful activity for 6- to 12-year-olds to share with family or friends of their age. A fun cultural experience to awaken all senses! In the morning, they are given a mission; the start of a journey of discovery into the amazing multicultural environment of Mauritius, architecture, history, religions, languages spoken in Mauritius, cuisine… An experience that they are not ready to forget any time soon!

Looking for a bespoke cultural experience?

If you are passionate about a specific theme and want to live a more intimate experience with your family or with a small group of friends, tell us your wish! We will design an unforgettable visit for you.