Historic Marine

This Franco-Mauritian company located in Goodlands is the place to go if you are passionate about artisanal skills and more particularly about high quality model boats.

There, all kinds of ships are handcrafted, from old rigging to Riva and even your very own boat – a service that has delighted many owners who dream of owning a replica of their beloved sailboat or motorboat. It takes about three months to make a custom-made model, depending on its complexity and the level of detail required.

Visiting the museum and auction hall will allow you to discover nearly 200 models of traditional Mauritian boats and ships that have marked European history. You can also visit the workshop and talk to the staff who assemble, sand, glue and varnish all the boats by hand. Entrance to the site is completely free of charge. Open 7 days a week.

A Must Visit in Goodlands

The traditional Goodlands market, a pleasure for your eyes and taste buds alike, is well worth a visit. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the clothing and fabric market reveals another facet of local craftsmanship.


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