For all of you thrill seekers out there, fly up from an airport in Rivière du Rempart, located in the northwest of the island about 15 km from Grand Gaube, and take the plunge for a sensational skydiving experience! It is, of course, reserved for those over 18 and in good health.

Supervised by a team of experienced professionals, grab the opportunity to jump in tandem over the island while enjoying sweeping views of the coasts, lagoons, coral reef and green mountains as you slowly descend to the ground.

The flight upwards to reach an altitude of 3000 metres is already a great opportunity to enjoy 20 to 25 minutes of aerial view of the island.

Jumping in tandem requires a minimum of training but provides intense freefall sensations. The jump lasts about 30 seconds before the instructor opens the parachute.

The descent goes far too fast and it is difficult to describe the extreme sensations that can be felt, but one thing is certain, it is an experience that cannot be told, it is lived!

Your instructor can capture your descent, so smile because you are being filmed!