Blue Safari Submarines & Subscooters

In Trou aux Biches on the northwest coast discover Mauritius in underwater mode with Blue Safari. This service provider offers an exclusive activity on the island: exploring the depths of Mauritian waters aboard submarines. Quite different from visiting an aquarium and accessible to non-divers, this experience is suitable for all ages.

Look out the window and enjoy the show. The Indian Ocean is home to innumerable marine fauna and flora: coral, fish, crabs and anemones that you will get to observe for about 45 minutes, comfortably installed in your submarine at a depth of 35 metres and in complete safety.

Two models of submarines are available for unique experiences. From 2 to 6 places, explore the depths of the waters as a duo or with your family. For young couples, a descent coupled with champagne adds the perfect romantic touch to this trip!

A scooter under the ocean !

Ride a scooter underwater!

Solo or duo, try the fun “subscooter” adventure. This activity takes place in the Indian Ocean at a depth of 3 metres and allows you to ride a scooter underwater.

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