Fly above water with two sensational activities – Flyboarding and Parasailing – which can be enjoyed in Grand Baie.

What is a flyboard?

Picture a jet of water gushing out from a very powerful water pump that can raise you up in the air. You are gradually propelled from the ocean into the air and move around the bay, much like Iron Man. This activity is practised on a sandbank 6 metres deep for smooth landings or else to allow you to plunge in like a dolphin. Flying in tandem with an instructor is also possible. Note that you must weigh at least 50 kg in solo and be at least 8 years old to engage in this activity.


Fly high during a parasailing session. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a mesmerising bird’s eye view of the lagoon and Mauritian beaches during your holidays. This activity is accessible for those aged eight and over and does not require any particular physical qualities because the parachute is towed by a boat in order to rise in the air. The flight is performed in a seated position. If you are looking for a little extra adrenaline rush, you can try a “touch and go” above the lagoon, that is, a descent for a refreshing dive into the sea before going back up again.

Live magical and sensational moments during your holidays!

Magical and thrilling moments to enjoy during your holiday!

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