It is impossible not to picture Mauritius when thinking of diving amidst multicoloured fish in startlingly clear and warm waters.

In Mauritius, choose from a large array of varied diving experiences in beautiful spots depending on your adventure level or on how deep your urge for exploration runs: coral gardens, wrecks dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, caves or drop-offs…

Scuba diving can be practised all year round. However, it is not possible to dive at certain spots during the southern winter due to the swell and wind.

Underwater visibility is generally about twenty to twenty-five metres, although under favourable weather conditions it can reach up to forty metres.

The Mauritian seabed is a natural wonder. Underwater, you will meet colourful clownfish, stonefish, butterflyfish, sea sponges, red lionfish, bluespotted cornetfish, giant moray, barracudas and other sea anemones. An experience made even more sensational with dolphins, turtles and even sharks…

Dive into the northern waters of the island!

The north of Mauritius offers some of the best diving spots. Most of them can be accessed after a 20-minute boat ride from Grand Baie. These include Pereybere aquarium and Confetti Bay, a coral garden 6 to 18 metres deep. For even more exclusivity: the wreck of Stella Maru, a former Japanese trawler sunk in the bay of Trou aux Biches and those of Emily and Water Lily, two wrecked barges engulfed by corals. For those who like to live on edge: Peter Holt’s Rock off Baie aux Canonniers is a great spot to explore caves, crevasses and tunnels. Stenopus Reef, 40 metres deep, is better suited for experienced divers. It sets itself apart by its flora: tubastrea, alcyonacea and gorgonian corals. Whale Rock is fabled for its hammerhead sharks. No one diving experience is alike!

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