Our 13 ecological measures

We commit ourselves on a daily basis in order to minimise the impact of our tourism activity on our environment and here is a few words to explain how we do it within the Resort:

  • Hot water throughout the Resort is generated by solar panels.

  • Light points are all equipped with low energy LED bulbs.

  • Reduce the air-conditioning consumption: Only use it in summer and for a shorter period of time, and favour natural ventilation by opening doors and windows.

  • The architecture of the villas emphasizes on natural ventilation and lighting, and allows the reduction of the use of lights, fans and air conditioning.

  • Pools operate with a salt chlorinator system, chlorine production by electrolysis, which results in minimal use of chemicals.

  • Wastewater is treated in a wastewater treatment plant, and water is recycled for irrigation of the gardens.

  • The technical vehicles are all electric, they are neither polluting nor noisy.

  • We minimize our plastic consumption by using glass containers instead of plastic. All our containers are biodegradable and reusable, made from sugar cane bagasse. For example, straws are replaced by cardboard straws, our hospitality products are in larger containers and are reusable. We no longer use single-use plastic.

  • Drinking water is produced internally through a water filter, and offered free of charge in the villa to customers, thus reducing the purchase of plastic bottles of water.

  • Bicycles are made available to customers for their proximity trips, in order to minimize the use of cars.

  • Organic garden: we grow herbs on site.

  • We sort our waste, plastics, glasses for recycling. Moreover, the composting of green waste was set up for the greatest happiness of our garden.

  • We communicate with our travelers to make them aware of the need to use water and electricity wisely.

We have the project to set up a selective sorting of solid waste which does not exist in Mauritius.