Discover the north of Mauritius by catamaran

There are excursions that leave no one indifferent, especially because they allow access to the most inaccessible corners of a destination. During your stay in Mauritius, we invite you to discover the north of Mauritius by catamaran, an unusual excursion full of adventure and beautiful surprises and a must for lovers of diving, nature, and snorkeling.

The catamaran cruises offer you a full day of sun, good food, beautiful beaches and full of relaxation and fun. An outing in the waters of northern Mauritius is synonymous with happiness and well-being. The Coin de Mire, the Gabriel Isle, the crystal-clear waters, the seabed full of life and the expanses of sands on the edge of the islands of the north of Mauritius are all gifts of nature that must be discovered.

Ilot Gabriel

Ilot Gabriel Ile Maurice


Located north of the island, next to the Plate Island, the islet Gabriel attracts lovers of true nature. Characterized by a virgin and pristine beach, crystal clear water and a picturesque view, this remarkable and still very wild site is a real postcard. Ilot Gabriel is located near Round Island and Flat Island, at the extreme north of Mauritius and about 10 kilometers north of Cap Malheureux. The distance between Gabriel Isle and Flat Island is only 750 meters and the size of the isle is 42 hectares, making it an island smaller than Flat Island. Its fauna and flora are less dense than those of the Flat Island and it is a protected nature reserve. It is a very popular site for snorkel and snorkel divers.

Coin de Mire

Coin De Mire Ile Maurice


Unmistakable by its triangular shape that evokes a boat sail, the Coin de Mire, located off the north coast, is a paradise for birds. It is indeed a nature reserve where you cannot land, but you can approach on a catamaran cruise. The island then reveals its angular contours, as if cut by the knife of a giant, and its cliffs battered by the waves that make up a surprising landscape, in perfect contrast with the beaches of Mauritius bordered by fine sand.

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