Discover the natural reserve of La Vallée de Ferney

The Ferney Valley is a paradisiacal place in Mauritius. Located not far from the Old Grand Port in the south-east of the island, this park covering more than 200 hectares is a nature reserve that shelters a very rich fauna and flora of Mauritius. A gathering place for hikers and trekkers, the Ferney Valley is one of the most exciting and popular attractions on the island of the Indian Ocean.

The setting and the environment

When you discover the Ferney Valley, what strikes you from the start is the hilly landscapes of the site’s green and wooded hills. Sloping fields and pastures covered with green and open grass, and lush forests share the territory of this exotic valley with perfect harmony. In the distance, the shores of the Indian Ocean shine with a thousand lights where the turquoise blue of the immense expanse of water marries the green of the tropical forest. In the middle of the Valley run small streams of white water, sources of freshness and life for an impressive fauna and flora.

Découvrez La Réserve Naturelle De La Vallée De Ferney sejour ile maurice

A unique biodiversity

This nature reserve is above all a biodiversity sanctuary where the rarest plant and animal species meet. Thus, in the heart of the Ferney Valley, walkers can see, at random, endemic species of Mauritius such as the Mauritius kestrel, a bird of prey of the falcon family, and very soon, a few examples of pink pigeons or Echo parakeets, it is promised. But the flora is not left to the contrary. Mauritius is rich in more than 700 native plants including more than 60 different species of orchids that can be easily crossed in the Ferney Valley.

Découvrez La Réserve Naturelle De La Vallée De Ferney sejour ile maurice

Hiking and excursions on the program

In the Ferney Valley, tourists can walk on a 3 km long trail that allows in some places to have a unique panoramic view of Mahebourg Bay or the small islands off the Mauritian coast. 4×4 enthusiasts can choose an excursion that will last 1h30 and cover the ten kilometres of track laid out and traced in the valley in their motor vehicle. The 4×4 tour also allows visitors to fully enjoy the scenery from each panoramic point of view over the southeast of Mauritius.

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