The CIEL FERNEY TRAIL 2019 on September 7

The CIEL Ferney Trail, Mauritius’ most popular trail event – 3,700 registered in 2018 – will take place this year on Saturday, September 7 in the beautiful natural setting of Ferney La Vallée, with starts and finishes near the former Ferney factory.

Registrations are open to the public from 15 April on the “” website until the end of July 2019. The CIEL Group, organizer of this sporting, ecological and popular event, innovates at each edition and announces several new products for this one.

The number of races thus increases to five, instead of four in previous years. Following the success of the Nando’s 10km course, which attracted 2,500 runners in 2018, the organizers are now offering the same race, but also an 8-kilometer “fun run” course without timekeeping. This innovation will allow competitors and participants who are better prepared to compete in a sporting event to compete for a listed time and a 10 km ranking. Those who wish to discover the beautiful 8 km course at the pace of a walk or light strides can participate in Nando’s 8 km. This innovation will allow two departures, in two distinct groups, for the distance category that usually has the largest number of participants. This will allow them to be more comfortable on their respective routes.

Ciel Ferney Trail 2019 Le 7 Septembre sejour ile maurice

Another change about the events: the 37km MUA replaces the 50km race sponsored in previous years by the same insurance company. Shorter, but just as captivating by the landscapes it crosses and its level of difficulty, this route will offer the possibility for trailers less used to long formats to align themselves with the crossing of the mountains of the southeast, which makes this race special and spectacular.

The Bank One 20km and SUN Kids 4km courses remain the same and will undoubtedly attract hundreds of enthusiasts. Among them, we will again find people with intellectual disabilities from the NGO group Inclusion Mauritius. Since the 2017 edition, dozens of these members of Inclusion Mauritius have been invited by CIEL to visit the SUN Kids 4km, supervised by this NGO and employees of the organizing group. Similarly, a motor handicapped person will be transported in a joëlette (a special wheelchair) by volunteers on the Nando’s 10km, after a similar participation in 2017 and 2018. The CIEL Ferney Trail is the only event in Mauritius to welcome and supervise disabled people on the events.

If you want to participate in the CIEL Ferney Trail during your stay in Mauritius in our luxury resort Mythic Grand Gaube, do not hesitate to contact our concierge service.