A day of relaxation in Grand Bay

Located on the north coast of Mauritius, in the Rivière du Rempart district, about 30 minutes’ drive from Port-Louis (the capital of the island), the very dynamic village of Grand Baie is ideal for tourists who love animation, day and night. With its natural beauty, wide range of activities and a considerable choice of hotels, this village is a real gem for travellers from all over the world.

Grand Bay has no remarkable monuments or museums. Nevertheless, the large villas and colonial houses, located in privileged places on the coast, are a real eye-catcher. The bay is of course unmissable, take time to relax on its white sandy beaches and swim in its warm and crystalline waters.

Grand Baie Ile Maurice

One cannot evoke Grand Bay without mentioning the many sporting activities. Grand Bay is surely a paradise for sports-people. There is something for everyone: from adventurers to the laziest! The nautical activities are perhaps the most beautiful and varied on the island. The Paddle is very fashionable. This long surfboard that is practiced standing up with a paddle is a very complete sport that appeals to all generations. It’s ideal for walking from beach to beach. Kite Surfing is also very fashionable. Anse la raie, a village 10 minutes from Grand Bay, is the most famous kite spot on the island, with the one in Le Morne to the south. Surfing is also practiced, with a few spots rather discreet but appreciated by the regulars.

Shopping addicts will enjoy the luxury and duty-free shops proudly lining the pavements or in shopping malls such as “Sunset Boulevard” and “Grand-Baie La Croisette”, without forgetting the authentic “Bazar de Grand-Baie”.

Grand Bay would not be what it is without its festive nights. Holidaymakers will have a wide range of night activities to choose from. The trendy bars follow one another in the small streets, the restaurants are full of delicious dishes to be enjoyed as a couple or with friends. To enjoy the nights until dawn, many discos welcome tourists, try the Banana Café the largest on the island.

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