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What are the top 10 Mauritian souvenirs you should bring back with you?

  • 02/08/2022

Why not bring back exotic and original Mauritian gifts? Whether textile, handicrafts, food or culture, there are plenty of 100% local, handmade and Mauritian know-how souvenirs to choose from.


– A local T-shirt

Many brands available include young, ethical, locally made, original and fun T-shirts to choose from for those seeking something different. Street wear, surf wear, beach wear, witty messages… You are spoilt for choice! (Available in malls and trade fairs).


– Spices in Port-Louis market

The ideal place to stock up on exotic spices: cinnamon, vanilla, curry powder, cardamom, cumin, saffron… Just bargain or buy them at the supermarket.


– The Ravior HOPE bracelet

This bracelet available in several colours bears a universal message in Kreol and English: Lamour, Lespwar, Linité (love, hope, unity).

(Available online, at the airport duty-free shop and at Bagatelle shopping mall).


– Fruit pastes by Domaine de Labourdonnais

Traditional family recipes made from papaya, mango, guava… savour something sweet from Mauritius. (On sale in all supermarkets in Mauritius).


– A seggae CD

This local music mixes Jamaican and Sega styles. Listen to our popular local artists and get a taste of the Mauritian music culture, with no limits. (On sale at the airport shops or in some bookshops)  


– A Rhum from Chamarel Rhumery

Fine and tasty amber rhums: Whites, aged, Premium, Arranged Rhums & Rum-based liqueurs (available in supermarkets)


– A ship model made by Historic Marine

With over 120 different models of teak and camphor boats, ranging from the most ancient to the most contemporary: Historical and contemporary vessels, classic sailing ships, liners, local pirogues, motorboats, and more.


– A comics of Tikoulou’s adventures

This is our favourite local comic book hero who goes on many adventures with his friends and solves many mysteries. (On sale in bookshops).


– A pullover to get through winter

One of the local favourites, with excellent wool, cashmere or mohair fabrics, confirming the local textile industry’s reputation for quality. (On sale in shopping malls)


– The role-playing game Ti t’Albert

A 100% Mauritian board game, based on Les Loupsgarous, a French game for those who like to bluff. On sale on the Atomic Game website.


Fun, stylish, supportive or tasty: bring back some sun and warmth with our selection of 100% original Christmas gifts from Mauritius and please the ones you love.

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