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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Mauritius: sheer happiness!

  • 14/01/2022

St. Valentine is known as the patron saint of lovers, but also of travellers and beekeepers. A perfect choice: here is our proposal for a honey-flavoured holiday for lovers. Our special offer gives you the opportunity to celebrate your love for each other in the warmth of Mauritian sun.   A romantic stay faraway Mauritius is traditionally considered a very romantic destination. This tropical island, where Paul and Virginie were born, remains one of the favourite destinations for lovers, with its golden beaches, turquoise lagoons, enchanting landscapes and the friendliness of Mauritians. Pleasant all year round, full of surprises, Mauritius welcomes couples with a unique know-how.   The perfect resort for lovers Mythic Suites & Villas is a resort ideal for lovers, and offers the perfect setting for your romantic getaway, in an intimate and elegant environment designed to ensure your stay is as relaxing and enjoyable as it can be. In the heart of the coastal village of Grand-Gaube, far from the crowds and five minutes from a beautiful lagoon, Mythic offers two types of accommodation, in Villas or in fully equipped Suites, together with the finest hotel services. Drop your luggage, live your romance, and we will handle everything else…    The romantic package Our teams are enthusiastic about making your romantic stay the most wonderful interlude. We have thought and designed an offer where every detail counts. When booking your Junior Suite, Penthouse or Villa Elegance, choose the romantic package and discover your romantically decorated love nest in the room. Slip into the delightful lover’s bath, savouring chocolate-covered strawberries and complimentary champagne, accompanied by a special love playlist. Want to surprise your loved one with a special gift, like a love message under the pillow? Let us know, we’ll do everything we can to make sure the surprise lives up to your expectations. How about a romantic candlelit dinner? Let our catering service ensure that you get a real festive meal!   Our concierges, makers of your happiness Their ultimate goal: to ensure you enjoy your event to the fullest. Their secrets: a thorough knowledge of the best local services and providers, as well as the places that suit your mood. With a smile and a lot of kindness, they organise and make your dream romantic stay in Mauritius a reality.   Our romantic stay offer is bookable all year round, from 205€ at Mythic Villas & Suites and 235€ at Marguery Villas. To book this exceptional stay, book online.


Mythic Suites & Villas: our travellers’ comment on the hotel

  • 07/01/2022

Our resort hotel on the east coast of Mauritius is definitely not without its enthusiasts! This haven of peace nestled in a magnificent setting is renowned for the art of welcoming our travellers with Mauritian hospitality and attention. Feedback from our guests delighted with their stay.   “An incredible place, a true definition of a getaway” Feeling at home, as soon as you put your suitcases down, in a top-of-the-range setting designed for a dream holiday: “I liked the chic but not overly fussy nature of the resort and its staff”. The elegance and comfort of the villas and suites are unanimously underlined: ” The highlight of our stay. Beautiful flat decorated with taste, space, calm, it’s what we needed”.  The space and equipment are important assets: “Our villa was perfect, very nice and well-equipped kitchen, with filtered water available, washing machine and dryer are very practical”. Antoine, influencer: “At Mythic Suites & Villas, as soon as you enter the villa, you feel at home. You discover the joy of living in a spacious, modern and inspiring place. Of all the villas I’ve stayed in through my job, Mythic Suites & Villas will always be among the best”.   “A warm atmosphere thanks to a dedicated and motivated team” They put all their energy and enthusiasm at your service: the house staff, the technical services, the gardeners or the reception really care about your well-being: “Thank you for having made our holiday unforgettable. A welcome like we have never had before”. It is not only the kindness of the Mauritians and the team, but also the love for a profession, for people and the spirit of a united team. And this is what makes Mythic Suites & Villas so strong: “It is indeed great to have a team that takes care of you, whether it is for a weekend or a long holiday”, according to Antoine, an influencer.   Our concierge service is there to make your stay a success Their mission is to help you discover all the beauties of Mauritius: under the guidance of Jean Christophe, Leo, Tessa and Prakash, our concierges at Mythic Villas & Suites, are there to assist you in organising your stay in complete peace of mind. “Thank you to Jean Christophe for giving us such good advice and time to prepare our outings. Stay true to your commitment in making us feel incredibly comfortable, it was truly amazing!”   The Atelier’s restaurant and food service get a big thumbs up On holiday, not wasting time to better enjoy all that Mauritius has to offer is a plus! Our travellers particularly appreciated the catering services in the villa: “The opportunity to have breakfast in the villa proved to be very practical when you set off early to visit the island in the morning!” At Mythic Suites & Villas, guests can also enjoy a gourmet experience. And having meals delivered to your suite or villa is one of those facilities that make for an unforgettable holiday. Our restaurant, L’Atelier, is highly praised by our travellers for the quality of its cuisine: “Thanks to the kitchen team, worthy of a gourmet restaurant. L’Atelier uses fresh products, very well prepared and beautifully presented”.   The final word goes to Antoine Gijbels, expatriate and influencer in Mauritius: “A service worthy of the greatest establishments. The customer, his needs and his satisfaction are always at the heart of the resort’s interest. Beware if you decide to go to Mythic Suites & Villas, you may never leave again…”


On the path of the last dodos of Mauritius

  • 24/11/2021

The dodo is one of the most legendary animals in Mauritius. Besides the dodo from Alice in Wonderland, inspired by the wild imagination of Lewis Caroll, many children’s books are derived from this animal. Children and adults alike will be amazed by the Museum of Natural History in Port-Louis, which takes them on a journey of discovery of this large bird and its environment. Embark on a fascinating quest to discover the last dodo birds of Mauritius.   The Mauritian Dodo, a rather clumsy bird This large wingless bird was endemic to Mauritius. Called dodo or dronte, it was found only there (a few examples of white dodo in Reunion Island), and its body adapted to the island life. First observed in 1574, the insectivorous and frugivorous dodo lived in the wild throughout the remote island. Having no predators, the dodo eventually lost its flying ability. Its body, covered with feathers, was 1 m high and weighed about 10 kg. Its plumage was generally white or greyish. It had a long beak of about 20 cm, with a hooked tip to match its diet. The dodo probably used it to break coconuts. Its legs were yellow and robust, similar to those of chickens. The dodo, nesting on the ground, became an easy prey when the first humans arrived in Mauritius.   An extinction chapter. When the Dutch took possession of Mauritius in 1598, the animal could not escape. A slow-moving creature, it was hunted extensively for its fat (and not for its meat, whose smell and texture were not very appetising). The Dutch settled in Mauritius in 1634 and built a fort near their landing place. The clearing of forests to make way for imported crops such as sugar cane, rice, tobacco, indigo, vegetables and citrus fruits, and the increasing human population played a major role in the extinction of the dodo. Easily hunted because of its inability to escape or defend itself, its endangered habitat facing the human predator, it is believed that the last dodo specimens were observed around 1690. Only found in Mauritius and in tiny quantities in Reunion, the dodo disappeared completely from the earth and was considered an extinct race at the end of the 17th century.Meet the dodo Although there are also many dodo bones in various museums around the world, it is at the Port Louis Museum that you will have the chance to admire a great collection. Upon entering the museum, the first dodos, the work of local artists, greet you in the oldest museum in the country and in southern Africa. It displays collections starting in the early 19th century of specimens of the fauna and flora of the Mascarene Islands, in particular specimens endemic to Mauritius. The skeleton of the Mauritian dodo is on public display. It was acquired by the museum in 1900, after its discovery in the Caverne Patate. A faithful reconstitution of a dodo is also on display, showing the origins of its extinction. It is also represented in old engravings and paintings that bring the legendary animal back to life. Coming soon, the 4D dodo Port Louis Museum is well aware of this unique asset and has embarked on a major virtual reality project. Indeed, it is soon planned to recreate the dodo ecosystem of the 1600s. You will not only be able to see the dodo in its natural environment, but also to touch it or walk with it. In the meantime, a new exhibition of artistic works presents Chiruy, a Dodo family.   Although Port-Louis Museum does not benefit from the latest technology, it remains a beautiful historical museum with interesting collections of local flora and fauna. The dodo obviously has pride of place. Even if the mythical animal no longer exists in Mauritius, it has largely inspired local craftsmen. Made of wood, natural or painted, you can take home a lasting souvenir of the Mauritian dodo in your luggage.


Our 8 ideas of 100% Mauritian Christmas gifts to take back home.

  • 05/11/2021
  • Daily life

Christmas is almost here in Mauritius and your holidays are coming up. How about bringing back original and exotic gifts to put under the Christmas tree? Textiles, handicrafts, food, culture. A lot of great suggestions are available with 100% local, handmade and Mauritian know-how.   A local T-shirt  Our choice: young, ethical, local and offbeat brands, for original and fun T-shirts to wear without moderation. Mauricette : a young and eco-responsible brand, which privileges local products and offers funny, beautiful and original tee-shirts, with expressions in Kreol. On sale at l’Aventure du Sucre (LINK) The Kreol Republic : this ethical local brand supports sustainable production with environmentally friendly items. Nice range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, crop tops and hats with the names of local towns and villages, kreol language and fun.   Ravi’s iconic HOPE de Ravior   Ravi, the leading designer of this local brand took inspiration from the power of hope, love and unity to support Tipa, a local NGO, in its fight for social integration and the promotion of art. To encourage educational communication through art forms, 10% of the sales of HOPE jewellery are donated to this association which fights daily for a worthy cause and a more peaceful world. The bracelet is available in several colours and carries a universal message engraved in Kreol and English: Lamour, Lespwar, Linité (love, hope, unity). On sale at Ruisseau-Créole (opposite Marguery Villas), at the airport duty-free shop and at the Bagatelle shopping centre.    Fruit paste from Domaine de Labourdonnais These Christmas treats are sure to delight grandparents and other sweet tooths. Select them from the Domaine de Labourdonnais (LINK with article MJ historic places to visit), a historic site in the north of the island, about twenty minutes from Mythic Suites&Villas. The Domaine produces fruit jellies out of its many acres of farmland and orchards using authentic family recipes. Papaya, mango, guava… enjoy a little Mauritian sweetness! (Also available in all supermarkets in Mauritius).   Chamarel Rhum Factory (Rhumerie de Chamarel) A must visit before tasting and choosing between the different local rhums produced there.  Twenty minutes’ drive from Marguery Villas, the Domaine de Chamarel covers 300 hectares of sugar cane plantations as well as fruit and vegetables. The Rhumerie was created to produce a high quality agricultural rhum. Copper stills, cellars, oak barrels to age the rhum, all has been made to produce fine amber and tasty spirits: White, aged, Old, Premium, mixed rhums and rhum-based liquors.   A model ship from Historic Marine Mauritius and sailing share a deep bond. Since the 1970s, teak or camphor model boats have become the pride of Mauritian craftsmanship, making the island a world leader in the manufacture and export of model vessels. Located at Goodlands in the north, about fifteen minutes from Mythic Villas&Suites, Historic Marine offers a catalogue of more than 120 different types of model boats, ranging from the most ancient to the most modern: historical ships, contemporary and classic sailing ships, liners, local pirogues, motor boats, and other types of model boats.    Bluesman  Eric Triton’s CD This Mauritian artist with an international career has already been mentioned (LINK Tamarin artists). His warm and captivating voice with a Louis Armstrong-like touch celebrates unity and love. A vibrant, feel-good CD to add to your favourite playlist for those fond memories of holidays in Tamarin, from where he draws his inspiration. On sale in bookshops and shopping centres on the island.    A comics of the adventures of Tikoulou Our favourite local comics hero! Tikoulou is a young boy of about ten years old who goes on adventures with his friends and solves many mysteries. Beautiful graphics, beautiful colours, great character and the discovery of Mauritius through the eyes of a child: an endearing comics to bring home to your nephews and grand-cousins. On sale in bookshops.    Fun, artistic, ethical or tasty: with our selection of 100% original Mauritian Christmas gifts, add a little sunshine and sweetness and please the ones you love.


Our best addresses for shopping in the north of Mauritius

  • 25/10/2021
  • Daily life

You’ re on holiday or on a long stay in our hotel resort Mythic Suites&Villas? What are the best places nearby to find souvenirs to bring back from Mauritius? Clothing, handicrafts, jewellery, food and cultural products are some of the most popular products among travellers. Take advantage of the tax-free and refundable shopping at the airport when you leave. Let’s take a look at some interesting addresses in the north for your shopping sprees. Grand Bay’s shopping malls. About fifteen minutes by car from your residence, Grand-Baie is home to several major shopping facilities, all within easy reach.   – Grand-Baie La Croisette : The most beautiful shopping centre in the north with the widest range of products is Located at the entrance of Grand-Baie with 80 boutiques well stocked with international brands (Mango, Adidas, Orchestra, Pimkie, Sinéquanone, Lacoste…) as well as the best local textile brands (Floréal, Out of Africa, Citadel, Body&Soul…). Shoes, sports equipment, local and international jewellery, health and beauty products, watches are also available. As for cultural products, the BookCourt bookshop puts the spotlight on Mauritian authors. Special mention for jewellery and beautiful gems: Mauritius is renowned for its diamond cutting and jewellery craftsmanship. Low labour costs make jewellery affordable and cheaper than in Europe. Check for Duty Free signs in shop windows and follow our guide at the end of this article to get your money back. – Sunset Boulevard : This shopping street, which is the heart of the village, is home to some fifty shops selling ready-to-wear clothes, jewellery, handicrafts, decoration and souvenirs. The textile sector in Mauritius is famous and many international brands have their collections made here: Harris Wilson, Diesel, Café Coton, Agatha, Karl Kaiser-Cerruti, 69 Slam. Local beach wear, street wear and designer brands such as La Mode Kuky, Cocoon AT Home are also present. The centre offers designer clothes at factory prices, but also luxury items such as watches, jewellery, leather clothing, clocks, paintings, antiques, glasses, audio visual equipment and accessories at tax-free prices. – Super U Grand Bay : This shopping complex, which includes a large supermarket, is located at the back of Sunset Boulevard. It includes a selection of shops selling jewellery, clothing, shoes and souvenirs. Also, to be discovered in the shelves of the supermarket or in the stalls of craftsmen of the gallery, the local food products which make excellent small gifts: jams, tea, coffee, spices, crystalised fruit. – The Grand Bay Plaza : Located at the main crossroads of Grand Bay, this small shopping centre with modern architecture offers clothing, shoes, a painting gallery, handicrafts, perfumery and jewellery.  – Grand Bay Grand Bazaar : This seaside – and therefore more expensive – version of the Port-Louis bazaar has many stalls selling local and imported goods. More traditional than the shopping centres, there is a wide range of Mauritian handicrafts to suit all tastes. These include pareos, T-shirts, bags, beach dresses, jewellery, basketry, woodcarving Don’t hesitate to bargain for the best offer. The small shopping malls of the coastal road From Grand-Baie to Trou aux Biches along the lovely road that runs along the turquoise lagoon, feel free to stop at the many small shops scattered along the way. Less frequented by tourists, they have more affordable prices than the shopping centres and offer local products, souvenirs, clothes. There are also some nice local artists’ galleries in Pointe aux Canonniers should you be interested in art. Factory shops You can often come across them in the villages on the way to Port-Louis: Arsenal, Triolet. These very well signposted (and therefore unmissable) shops sell locally manufactured products for major brands, unsold items, former collections or items that have not been collected. Duty-free shops: how do they operate? Only available to tourists with their passport and plane ticket, these shops sell a multitude of items at attractive prices: photo equipment, watches, jewellery, leather, mobile phones, paintings, sunglasses, etc. These duty-free shops are located at almost all of the above addresses. To benefit from tax-free shopping, make your purchases. These are delivered in the departure hall of the airport, after the check-in of the luggage and the control of Police to the Duty-Free counter which refunds you the VAT.   It is very easy to shop while staying in the north of Mauritius where the supply is wide and varied. If you wish to get away from the busy tourist areas, do not hesitate to discover the folkloric shopping malls of the main towns: Port-Louis, Quatre-Bornes, Rose-Hill as well as the Port-Louis Bazaar and the Quatre-Bornes Fair on Thursdays and Sundays.


Where to find the most beautiful scuba diving spots in the North

  • 06/10/2021
  • Aquatic activities

You are on holiday at Mythic Suites&Villas and you love diving. The north of the island has some of the most beautiful spots. Mauritius is renowned for having some of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs. The local marine environment is believed to be unspoilt and natural, scuba diving is not over-exploited and the island is relatively undisturbed by pollution. These three reasons make diving in Mauritius an exceptional experience in clear visibility conditions. Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner looking for an initiation, immerse yourself in the wonderful world of silence!   Diving conditions in Mauritius There is no need to carry your diving equipment: most hotels in the north have their own diving centre affiliated to CMAS (World Underwater Federation), PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and supervised by the Mauritian Scuba Diving Association (MSDA). These centres are staffed by experienced divers and offer courses in several languages with the necessary equipment, while strictly observing safety rules. The introduction to diving is done in the swimming pool and children are trained according to their age.   What to discover during your dive? The water temperature is pleasant and allows dives all year round. Visibility is generally more than 20 metres and close to 50 metres on some sites. The majority of the sites are accessible in a few minutes by boat and are located close to the open water. Fed with nutrients from the ocean currents coming from the depths, the sites attract and host an amazing and diverse underwater life. A multitude of fishes, corals hosting an exceptional fauna and flora, cliffs, faults, canyons, caves, reefs, as well as shipwrecks dating back to several centuries, shark pits, diving in the north of Mauritius is bound to be memorable!  The most beautiful dive spots  Beautiful, colourful coral can be seen and explored at depths of up to 13 metres. Here are a few easily accessible diving destinations:   – The Aquarium (9 to 20 metres deep) : Renowned for its wide variety of tropical fish: angelfish, surgeonfish, mullet, barbel, moray eels, stonefish and some rare species such as the small scorpionfish and grouper, this well-named Grand Bay dive site is ideal with its weak current and good visibility.  – Peter Holt’s Rock (15 to 21 metres deep). This site, made up of cracked basalt blocks and caves, is home to an abundant and varied fauna including titan triggerfish, wrasse, parrotfish, yellowtail grouper, clownfish, schools of lutjans, scorpionfish, spiny lobsters, beaded moray eels, cleaner shrimp, Javanese moray eels, etc. It is an ideal dive for underwater photography. – Stenopus Reef (9 to 38 metres deep): Just south of Pointe aux Canonniers, this reef abounds in fascinating marine creatures: giant gorgonians, alcyonarias and tubastrea corals, including the green coral tree over 2 metres high. The corals are surrounded by a rich fauna: emperor angels, groupers, diodons, butterfly fish, stingrays and eagles, sometimes barracudas and large banana tunas. – The wreck of the Stella Maru (20 to 26 metres deep), a Japanese trawler that was deliberately sunk in December 1987 to create an artificial reef. It was a success: the site is home to many species of reef fish: butterflies, damselflies, jacks, surgeonfish, but also schools of blue triggerfish, jacks and Javanese moray eels. There is also plenty of wildlife around the wreck as well as in the easily accessible area inside. – The wreck of the Silver Star (22 to 39 metres deep), a magnificent wreck, sunk in 1992, opposite the Royal Palm, which still has its propeller and is home to many species.   The Northern Islands: sharks! Feel like spotting these great species in their natural environment? The Northern Islands (Coin de Mire, Île Ronde, Île Plate, Gabriel Islet and Île aux Serpents) are relatively protected from the heavy swell. For great diving, we recommend: – the shark pit (depth of 15 to 21 metres) : After Ile Plate, head for the Pigeon Rock, a 60-metre-high promontory, where the Shark Pit is situated. This is the place to see black-tailed sharks, which are attracted to the oxygen-saturated water as a result of the currents caused by the tides. More than 57 species of fish have been recorded in this pit. The observation is done in groups and with strict safety instructions. Strong emotions and unforgettable memories guaranteed! – Belle Mare Pass (20 to 33 metres deep) : Located on the north-east coast, Belle Mare Pass is one of the most beautiful sites on the island with several famous spots where the current is sometimes strong, which results in a rather sporty dive. At Shark Point (25m) you can meet large shark and barracuda species, and at Sea Fan Valley (30m), Gorgonian Forest (23m) and Japanese Garden (19-24m) a variety of corals and beautiful tropical fish abound.   Diving in the north of Mauritius will be one of the most intense experiences of your stay at Mythic Suites&Villas. Choose your site and let our concierge take care of your booking with one of the diving centres recommended by us.  

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