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Unusual accommodation in Mauritius

  • 26/09/2022

Once installed in one of our resorts, you can explore the many beauties that Mauritius has in store for its visitors. Our original suggestions include a romantic getaway or a family adventure in two three exceptional places featuring unique accommodation for a truly unforgettable experience overnight.   Unusual accommodation in Mauritius: An unusual night during your stay The Bubble Lodge The Bubble Lodge is a transparent structure with rounded shapes, nestled in the middle of the wilderness, ideal for playing Robinson in style. The concept behind this new type of unusual and exclusive lodging offers an unforgettable night’s stay. With its transparent roof and openings, the stars for canopy, the soft night sounds for lullaby and its setting on a beach or in the hollow of hundred-year-old trees, this ecological holiday experience promises intimacy and exclusivity. Designed to be entirely renewable, with no environmental footprint and a minimum use of materials and energy, the Bubble lodges meet the expectations of a demanding and eco-friendly clientele.   – Barefoot in the sand at Ile aux Cerfs Golden beach, turquoise lagoon, splendid view over the islands and the golf course, personal butler… the Bubble is an extraordinary and luxurious place to spend the night in its spacious and tastefully decorated structure. Ideal for a romantic night, the lodge is equipped with a living area, a bedroom and bathroom as well as an outdoor shower. Besides having access to a private beach, the lodge gives you the opportunity to dine either on the beach, in the garden or in the restaurant, and to enjoy a variety of activities such as golf lessons, free green fees, water sports… A memorable experience for nature lovers in a romantic and privileged tropical getaway.   – In the forest at Bois-Chéri Nestled between towering roots and vines of giant trees, the Lodge is an exclusive pond-side experience. Set in a natural environment, it is ideal for adventurous families and star gazers. far from city pollution, surrounded by peace to savour moments of pure relaxation in the heart of nature.   In the canopy at the Tree lodge This lodge, perched in the heart of a century-old tree on the east coast of Mauritius, is designed to be as close to nature as possible to get back to basics and to simplicity. The gentle rustle of the leaves and birdsong are the perfect setting to soothe the mind and soul. Furnished in all simplicity in the heart of a beautiful tropical garden, the lodge serves breakfast in its main house, and has a swimming pool. A wide range of sports and discovery activities are available: nearby Ile aux Cerfs, paddle boarding, cycling to villages, diving, kite surfing…   Add an unusual night’s sleep to your stay in one of our resorts in an enchanting setting with these three unique and exclusive addresses.


Rodrigues, the sweetness of a Mauritian island

  • 26/09/2022

The neighbouring island of Mauritius, Rodrigues, located about 600 km from the Mauritian coast, has nothing in common with its elder sister. Covering an area of 109 km2, with rolling landscapes where cattle and chickens graze, wild coasts and deserted beaches bordered by a crystal-clear lagoon, Rodrigues is a preserved paradise for you to explore from the comfort of your home. Take a stroll along the picturesque paths and get to know Rodrigues’ most prized product: honey.   Rodrigues honey, both wild and sweet Well-known in the Indian Ocean area, Rodrigues honey benefits from a scattered vegetation spread over a steep ravine landscape or soft shaped valleys. Nature flourishes generously between coastal dryness and the more watered heights, away from any kind of pollution. In Rodrigues, people value quality products, such as honey, which is certified natural and organic: the local people cherish the art of doing things right.   A visit to Victoria’s beekeeper Rodrigues’ favourite honey is produced in the buzzing secluded hives of Bigarade, a small hamlet in the upper part of the island. The only way to discover it is to follow the schoolchildren’s path and embark on an adventure. In the middle of a forest of eucalyptus and “poppy” trees (Pongamia pinnata), main source of honey flowers, you will find the white beehives of Victoria honey producer. In the heart of this dense vegetation where giant bamboos stretch towards the sky and where a river gently flows, the bees are undoubtedly in optimal conditions to produce the finest amber honey. This human-sized company is dedicated to traditional, environmentally responsible production and, above all, provides work for young adults with disabilities. Another convincing incentive to opt for a truly sustainable product!   The shop, a gourmet’s delight Although the many health benefits of honey are well known, this natural and organic product comes in many different varieties. Besides honey in jars, soaps, skin care creams, propolis, essential oils with honey wax and a whole range of excellent honey candies and treats are produced with the same love, such as the tasty ginger honey, which is worth the trip alone…   Where to find Rodrigues honey in Mauritius? In supermarkets and major food stores on the island: check out the labels in the honey area. Malls regularly host occasional stands selling products from Rodrigues, including the famous Victoria honey. Local craft shops sometimes sell it as soaps and essential oils. You can also order Victoria honey through the Facebook page and have it delivered to Mauritius     Honey from Rodrigues is a typical mirror image of this small unspoilt paradise: wild and profoundly unique. While staying at Mythic Suites & Villas, place your order directly with the manufacturer and have it delivered to the resort.


Confidential boat trip to Mauritius

  • 20/08/2022

Ever dreamt of being like Robinson on a private islet, yet fully equipped with all of Mauritius’ luxury amenities? Join us on a journey through this small, unspoilt paradise in the heart of the Blue Bay Marine Reserve for an exceptional day out to be enjoyed to the full with your family.   Ile aux Deux Cocos, Mauritius : A private and unique paradise With turquoise waters, crystal-clear lagoons, colourful fish and coral, if you thought you had experienced everything Mauritius has to offer, there is something unexpected and idyllic in store for you: the island of Deux Cocos, an exclusive site located in the south-east, near the Blue Bay Marine Park. This islet offers crystal-clear, palm-fringed beaches and a real aquarium within snorkeling distance.   The islet was used as a summer residence for former British governors a hundred years ago. A splendid residence, a perfectly maintained luxury villa with Moorish accents, a panoramic swimming pool, elegant Bedouin tents and most importantly, a dedicated team to make sure you have a great day out.   Welcome to the island After enjoying a motorboat or glass-bottom boat ride to start the day, dock at the island’s pier, where our staff greets you with a refreshing drink. The place is exceptionally beautiful and ideal for Instagramming. Make yourself comfortable, take your bearings and dive into the warm waters inhabited by an array of underwater flora and fauna. Once you’ve had a chance to explore, relax on the sun loungers and enjoy the peace and quiet of the lagoon’s extraordinary colours.   Have lunch with feet on the sand Choose to have lunch on the beautiful terrace overlooking the sea or the Moorish style sofa in the white pavilion, as you wish. Our excellent buffet and grilled meats are served with wine, beer or soft drinks. Take a break from sipping on a house rhum and relax in a hammock overlooking the sea. Soak up the song of the wind and birds under the filaos along with the roar of the waves on the rocks.   Time for action Once you have had your time to rest, make the most of the afternoon to join in the fun activities proposed: an exciting game of beach volley, a petanque tournament, a frisbee game or a match of giant chess? Unless you succumb to the ocean’s spell and head back to explore the splendid seabed. The only rule at the Ile aux Deux Cocos is: You come first and your pleasure is our priority!   The Ile aux Deux Cocos is exclusively managed by a private hotel group, so reservations are required. Please enquire at your concierge desk and enjoy this enchanting experience.


What are the top 10 Mauritian souvenirs you should bring back with you?

  • 02/08/2022

Why not bring back exotic and original Mauritian gifts? Whether textile, handicrafts, food or culture, there are plenty of 100% local, handmade and Mauritian know-how souvenirs to choose from.   – A local T-shirt Many brands available include young, ethical, locally made, original and fun T-shirts to choose from for those seeking something different. Street wear, surf wear, beach wear, witty messages… You are spoilt for choice! (Available in malls and trade fairs).   – Spices in Port-Louis market The ideal place to stock up on exotic spices: cinnamon, vanilla, curry powder, cardamom, cumin, saffron… Just bargain or buy them at the supermarket.   – The Ravior HOPE bracelet This bracelet available in several colours bears a universal message in Kreol and English: Lamour, Lespwar, Linité (love, hope, unity). (Available online, at the airport duty-free shop and at Bagatelle shopping mall).   – Fruit pastes by Domaine de Labourdonnais Traditional family recipes made from papaya, mango, guava… savour something sweet from Mauritius. (On sale in all supermarkets in Mauritius).   – A seggae CD This local music mixes Jamaican and Sega styles. Listen to our popular local artists and get a taste of the Mauritian music culture, with no limits. (On sale at the airport shops or in some bookshops)     – A Rhum from Chamarel Rhumery Fine and tasty amber rhums: Whites, aged, Premium, Arranged Rhums & Rum-based liqueurs (available in supermarkets)   – A ship model made by Historic Marine With over 120 different models of teak and camphor boats, ranging from the most ancient to the most contemporary: Historical and contemporary vessels, classic sailing ships, liners, local pirogues, motorboats, and more.   – A comics of Tikoulou’s adventures This is our favourite local comic book hero who goes on many adventures with his friends and solves many mysteries. (On sale in bookshops).   – A pullover to get through winter One of the local favourites, with excellent wool, cashmere or mohair fabrics, confirming the local textile industry’s reputation for quality. (On sale in shopping malls)   – The role-playing game Ti t’Albert A 100% Mauritian board game, based on Les Loupsgarous, a French game for those who like to bluff. On sale on the Atomic Game website.   Fun, stylish, supportive or tasty: bring back some sun and warmth with our selection of 100% original Christmas gifts from Mauritius and please the ones you love.


Meet the giants of the sea: Mauritius’s sperm whales

  • 20/07/2022

Dolphins are one of the most cherished memories of visitors to Mauritius. The humpback whale migration is another highlight from July to October. However, sperm whales remain the unrivalled and little-known giants of Mauritian waters, with colonies along the deep north and west shores of the island. Feeling like a break from the dolphin tours? Go for this unusual adventure, which remains relatively unexplored. Join us for a fantastic and privileged encounter with sperm whales.   A protected species   Sperm whales are the largest cetaceans found in the oceans. Males usually live in cold, food-rich waters, while females remain in equatorial or subtropical waters. Their life expectancy is around 70 years old. Sperm whale populations declined significantly throughout the 20th century, mainly as a result of hunting, which persisted until the 1980s. Today, the species is protected in most countries around the globe.   Swimming with sperm whales in Mauritius: special conditions apply   Although sperm whale watching from a boat is still possible, swimming with these enormous cetaceans is highly regulated in Mauritius. Besides a financial contribution and the handing over of all rights on pictures to enhance the research fund, the strict respect of safe observation rules is expected. Swimming is only allowed for scientific purposes during survey missions and only after a few days training. It is not necessary to be a certified diver to participate: the discovery is conducted under apnea. The course teaches you how sperm whales live and how to approach them. Then finally comes the great adventure!   Keep your heart rate up    Once the sperm whales’ blow has been spotted, you get into the water with a mask and snorkel. The encounter usually takes place in shallow water or at the surface. As a sperm whale weighs around 50 tons and is everal meters long, the thrill of the encounter is both immediate and intense. The mammals often stand upright, which adds to their giant dimensions. You are gripped by a feeling between apprehension and fascination. Eventually, as your heart begins to slow down, you will fall in love with sperm whales for the rest of your life. The cetaceans are fairly calm and sometimes have fun reproducing swimmers’ strokes, in a surprisingly graceful ballet. The presence of a whale calf and experiencing the love of its mother is one of the highlights of this unforgettable encounter.   Boat observation of the sperm whales of Mauritius   This option is more accessible because it is less subject to conditions. It offers the opportunity to watch sperm whales around the west or north coast during an outing at sea. It is sometimes necessary to go far away to have the chance to meet the largest toothed whales in the world. There are no spectacular jumps as with humpback whales on parade, but you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.   As with all whale watching, it depends on the weather conditions and the presence of sperm whales on the scheduled excursion. Your concierge will contact the service provider beforehand to make sure you have the best possible chance of spotting sperm whales on your outing. 🌐 www.dream-dolphin.com


Typical cuisine from L’Atelier, Mauritius

  • 04/07/2022

Your stay at Mythic Suites & Villas will be an unforgettable discovery of the many tasty dishes of Mauritian gastronomy. Out of this fascinating multicultural melting pot has emerged a delightfully mixed cuisine, high in colour and exotic flavours, influenced by Creole, Asian, European and African cultures. Surprise yourself with our range of typical recipes served in our restaurant, l’Atelier, Mauritius.   A taste of Mauritius on your plate at L’Atelier   No need to leave the resort to be introduced to Mauritian cuisine: l’Atelier serves our residents and guests a new menu with typical local dishes. Featuring the finest produce, some from our eco-friendly garden and the best local and regional suppliers, our dishes are lovingly concocted by our Chef Vijendra Kundun and his team. Daily catch, fresh vegetables and fruits, local meats and venison, exotic spices: we aim at providing the tastiest of what Mauritius has in store.   Manze lakaz” – an original and innovative formula of L’Atelier, Mauritius   Both in the restaurant and in the Suite or Villa, l’Atelier proposes a mouth-watering menu of local dishes of the day called “Manze lakaz”, which means ” Home-style cuisine “. The concept? Each day a typical dish served with a daily dessert. Experience the authentic, varied and original local cuisine Mauritians are fond of every day.   The most popular dishes of Mauritians   A must try dish in Mauritius, the Chicken, Eggs and Shrimps Upside Down Bowl is a very popular Chinese dish, served as a dome of rice mixed with various ingredients. It is also a popular street food meal at lunchtime. Another popular Chinese speciality is Salted Fish Fried Rice (called snoek here), with omelette, curry leaves and mushroom soy sauce. Also on the menu is the typical recipe of many households, the Fish and Bringelles (aubergines) / White Rice / Dry Grains Curry, which enhances the fish caught that day. More refined but just as succulent is the Dry Beef Curry / White Rice / Cucumber Salad, a dry curry, consisting of meat flavoured with curry and very little sauce.   French influence crossed with local flavours   L’Atelier brings a new twist to authentic Mauritian cuisine by offering a dish full of flavour: The Chicken Salmis / Cucumber Salad / White Rice / Fricasseed Black Lentils. Another delicious treat that combines French tradition and local products is our Stir-fried Beef with Onions / Watercress Broth / Tomato Chutney / Fried Potato Ring. A quick visit to Rodrigues One cannot fail to enjoy the Rodriguan cuisine and the delicious local pork dishes with the Rodriguan Rougaille Saucisse / White Rice and Lentils Fricassee. The Rougaille is a very spicy and tasty meat and tomato dish.   Each of the local dishes comes with three different achards, marinated or pickled vegetables that add to the flavour of the dish. At the Atelier or on delivery, check out our traditional dishes and book with our concierge.

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